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WIN. Gas Crunch. Nixon Resigns. Ford falls. Carter’s smile. Vietnam. Streakers. Bicentennial. Bobby Riggs vs. Billy Jean King. Turmoil, tension, “Stagflation” and the rise of terrorism and “Skyjackings.”

What a fun time we had in the 1970s, eh kids?

70s Moments (Bicentennial Week): 4th Of July Home Movies (1976)

Bionic Disco: Celebrating two years online! – “Official celebration day.”

70s stories in the news: ABBA museum, ‘Rocky’ musical, recent passings – “Review of the recently-opened museum.”

70s stories in the news: Abba’s Agnetha returns, cell phone is 40, recent passings – “ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog has released a new single, more.”

70s stories in the news: Star Wars, Willie Tyler & Lester, recent passings – “The original cast of Star Wars, more.”

70s stories in the news: Star Wars, Corvette Stingray, Conrad Bain – “Possible Star Wars TV series in the works, more.”

Bionic Disco: The most popular posts of 2012 – “The most popular/most viewed posts for the year 2012.”

Happy New Year: Looking back 40 years to Jan. 1973 – “Elvis…and some of the significant events of four decades ago.”

Post #500 – 70s stories in the news: Dirty Harry, Cathy Lee Crosby’s Wonder Woman & more – “Shots of Clint Eastwood on the set of Dirty Harry in 1971, more.”

Celebrating 12-12-12: December 12th in the 1970s – “Interesting things that happened on December 12th each year of the decade.”

70s stories in the news: Little Richard, Susan Dey, Grease, Saturday Night Fever – “Rare early-70s Little Richard photos, more.”

70s stories in the news; Jimmy Carter: Rock ‘n’ roller, Jenny Agutter OBE, Italian gibberish – “Story on a 1972 #1 song from Italy, more…””

Election Night 1972 – “Classic footage from the 1972 presidential election.”

Time covers 1979 – “Major events included China’s Teng Hsiao-ping as ‘Man of the Year,’ Iran and the US hostage crisis, the Three-Mile Island nuclear disaster.”

35 years ago this week: Atari 2600 console launches – “The Atari 2600 console hit stores 35 years ago on October 14, 1977.”

Time covers 1978 – “Events included Anwar Sadat as ‘Man of the Year,’ Super Bowl XII, ‘test-tube babies.’”

Outta Sites: 70s Funny Cars, Harvest Gold Memories, Dangerous Minds – “A trio of 1970s-related Web Sites you may wish to peruse.”

Time covers 1977 -“Events included Carter’s first year, Super Bowl XI, ‘The Energy Crisis.'”

70s stories in the news: ‘Happy Days,’ Equality ’70, ‘Brady Bunch’ – “How Happy Days lost its soul…”

Time covers 1976 – “Time Magazine covers from ’76”

Earthquake!: Rare L.A. documentary, 1973 – “Documentary on the February 9th, 1971 Sylmar earthquake”

Today, in the 70s: Up in Smoke, AC/DC rocks – “Back in time to August 11th, 1978.”

70s stories in the news: 78-yr-old Tony Disco, Thomas Eagleton affair, recent passings – “Tony Ferrante, who’s keeping disco alive in Brooklyn.”

70s stories in the news: CBS to reboot ‘Brady Bunch’, ‘Super Friends’ Alden dies – “Vince Vaughn is co-developing a possible reboot of The Brady Bunch for CBS. More…”

70s stories in the news: 70s Harlem, Denver denies ’76 Olympics, The Jeffersons – little known facts – “Photos of Harlem in the 70s. More…”

70s stories in the news: New Evel Knievel movie, Vietnam legacy, Donald Sutherland – “New movie exploring the life of Knievel, Clinton visiting Laos and LIFE‘s Donald Sutherland gallery from 1970.”

70s stories in the news: ‘Happy Days’ lawsuit settled, 70s Sci Fi & woodcut art – “Happy Days Actors Settle Lawsuit, Sci Fi Heroes of the 70s Art, more…”

An Evel Knievel Moment: Kings Island 14 bus jump – “October 25th, 1975 Evel Knievel attempted to set a world record at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio.”

70s stories in the news: Deliverance, Deep Throat, Ginsu Knives – “Deliverance & Deep Throat 40th anniversaries, Ginsu Knives pioneer dies.”

4th of July, 1972 – “Independence Day 1972 – vintage news reports from NBC & ABC news and more.”

Outta Sites: 70s stories from the Web – “Every ’70s Movie, Susan, Bionic Treats via Mego Museum.”

70s stories in the news: Willy Wonka auction, rare ’72 Stones pix – “Wonka movie items for sale, unseen Stones photos from ’72 tour.”

Time covers 1975 – “Major events included the end of the Vietnam War…”

Outta Sites: 70s stories from the Web – “, Plaid Stallions, A Geek’s First Journal.”

70s stories in the news: Nixon, Mark Spitz, gay rights ’71 – “First up, famed investigative reporters, Woodward & Bernstein, take a look back at Watergate (June 17, 1972).”

70s stories in the news: Sex Pistols & Olivia Newton-John – “The Sex Pistols have re-issued their ‘God Save the Queen’ single to celebrate the song’s 35th anniversary.”

70s stories in the news: Village People royalty ruckus – “A member of the Village People has won a ‘landmark legal case’ regarding his right to reclaim partial ownership and improved royalties for many of the band’s hit songs.”

Happy Mother’s Day – “Moore family portrait, California, spring 1974.”

Time Covers 1974 – “Major events included Richard Nixon resigning the presidency before he could be impeached.”

Today, in the 70s: Led Zeppelin rocks, thousands protest Vietnam War (May 3, 1971) – “Take a look at what was occurring on this day, May 3rd, 1971.”

Earth Day 1970s: EPA’s ‘Documerica’ photos – “A collection of photographs from the Environmental Protection Agency, 1972-1977.”

March 22, 1977: A Tuesday to Remember – “Let’s grab a year out of the 1970s and see what occurred on this fine day.”

St. Patrick’s Day, 1975 – “A few images and a video from March 17th, 1975.”

Time Covers 1973 – “The Watergate scandal exploded into the news in ’73 and many covers featured the beleaguered face of President Richard Nixon.”

President’s Day Special: Carter vs. Ford, 1976 – “Look back at the election year of 1976. President Gerald Ford was facing off against the up-and-coming Governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter.”

Super Bowls of the 70s – “I think we need to look at some exciting shots from Super Bowls of the 1970s.”

Today, in the 70s: Vietnam War report (Jan. 26, 1972) – “President Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War were in the headlines and in the hearts and minds of the public.”

Time Covers 1972 – “Today, we’ll turn our eyes toward the year 1972…Isn’t chronology wonderful?”

Aug. 11, 1974: President Gerald Ford’s Second Day on the Job – “Sunday, August, 11th, 1974 was U.S. President Gerald Ford’s second day on the job (a working weekend it appears).”

Apollo 15 ‘Moon Buggy’ Mission 40th Anniversary – “40 years ago this week NASA launched the Apollo 15 mission from Cape Canaveral (July 26, 1971.)”

Time Covers 1971 – “Of particular interest is a cover featuring Governor Jimmy Carter five years before he became president.”

America’s Bicentennial: July 4th, 1976 – “From 1974 throughout 1976 America was gripped in a “Bicentennial fever’ of sorts.”

Time Covers 1970 – “We here at Bionic Disco are concerned with all things 70s, so let’s take a look at a choice selection of Time Magazine covers from the year 1970.”

May 10, 1978: A Wednesday to Remember – “Let’s cast ourselves back in time 33 years to a simpler time – May 10th, 1978 – and take a look at some of the events we enjoyed on this carefree late-70s Wednesday.”

The First ‘Earth Day’ – April, 1970 – “Just under 41 years ago, in April of 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated. Inspired by the student anti-war movement, U.S. Senator, Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, spoke to the press about his idea of a “national teach-in on the environment”. After building a large national staff and promoting the idea across the county, Nelson’s idea began to take off.”

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