Bee Gees – Superstars in Gold Lamé

Here’s your image of the day – The Bee Gees (circa 1977) resplendent in matching (and skimpy!) gold lamé gear. Yeah, you’ll probably need to shield your eyes from the gorgeous glare of golden superstardom. The Bee Gees we’re everywhere in the 70s and dominated the music charts across most of the decade.

Bee Gees - so successful, they clothed themselves in gold. (photo: Michael Ochs Archives)

The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack reignited the fading disco craze and, aided by top Bee Gees tunes such as “How Deep Is Your Love”, “Night Fever” and “Stayin’ Alive”, went on to sell 40 million copies – at that point, the highest-selling album in history.

You can be sure we’ll feature the Bee Gees from time to time at Bionic Disco, but if you’d like to dig deeper you can hop to the official Bee Gees site and the Bee Gees Wiki.

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