‘Viva Knievel!’ Movie Trailer (1977)

Stay tuned, kids! I just may break every bone in my body!

Holy Moley! You have got to find three minutes in your busy day to watch this trailer for Evel Knievel’s 1977’s motion picture Viva Knievel!, aka “The excitement picture of the year”.

While I was a big Knievel fan (and what 10-yr-old boy wasn’t in ’77?) I never caught this movie in theaters. I guess the power of Star Wars, which released a month earlier, was too overwhelming.

Keep your eyes peeled for Lauren Hutton, Gene Kelly, Leslie Nielson, Red Buttons and child star, Eric Olson (who you may remember from 70s TV shows; Apple’s Way and Swiss Family Robinson). I need to sit down and soak up this 70s faded-classic stat!

‘Viva Knievel!’ Movie Trailer, 1977

Investigate: Viva Knievel! Wiki, Viva Knievel! IMDb, Evel Knievel.com

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