Bay City Rollers: ‘Money Honey’ on Telly

It’s time for some Bay City Rollers methinks. Let’s take a loving look at the lads from Edinburgh performing “Money Honey” on what appears to be German television. This would likely be from sometime in spring 1976 when said single was released.

There's a flood a-comin' - but the Rollers are prepared!

“Money Honey” was the first piece of vinyl I ever bought. I walked down to a small record shop on Fairfax Avenue (near Rosewood) and picked up the Arista 45 rpm in a plain light blue sleeve (which I still have.) The tune ‘Maryanne’ appeared on the B-side.

What the hell was I doing walking down to the record shop on my own at nine-years-old anyway?

“Money (Money, Money) can’t make you turn your head now. Money (Money, Money) can’t get you into bed now. Money, Honey can’t give more than you get now.”

Bay City Rollers Wiki, Bay City Rollers Absolute Unofficial

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