TV Time: Snap, Crackle, Partridge Family

In the early 70s TV’s sensational singing siblings, The Partridge Family starred in a few Kellog’s Rice Krispies commercials. The refrain was “Wakin’ up! Wakin’ up,” and in the first spot poor put-upon Reuben (Dave Madden) had to pour the milk and serve out the bowls. But, hey, that’s the manager’s job.

Hurry up with the pouring Reuben. Rehearsing in the garage is hungry work.

In the second spot, sleepy Keith Partridge (David Cassidy) is roused by a shout from the kitchen by Mom (Shirley Jones – his real life Step Mom, if we take things literally.) The lyric kindly explains all as we watch:

“We’ve got Shirley fixin’ breakfast. Wake up Keith!
Keith is turnin’ over. Wants to sleep. Wants to sleep.”

David and his pyjamas love that cracklin' Rice

These ads must have been filmed after the first Partridge Family season (1970) because we see Brian Forster as Chris Partridge, the replacement drummer for Jeremy Gelbwaks. 1972 or ’73 is my guess. Enjoy a bowl.

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2 Responses to TV Time: Snap, Crackle, Partridge Family

  1. Ken says:

    I’m not buying it Keith.

    • David Moore says:

      Haha. Yes, I’m sure he was very eager to film a breakfast commercial after staying up until 4 am the night before smoking refer and jamming with Hendrix.