TV Time: Star Wars Extra Large Action!

Here’s a super rare Star Wars Television commercial for your Thursday morning enjoyment. “Kenner’s Star Wars Large Size Action Figures” (sold separately, mind you.) R2-D2, C-3PO, Han Solo and “The Stormtrooper” are featured. If you got one of these steroid-injected action figures under the ol’ Xmas tree in ’79 you were a lucky lil’ bastard indeed.

Holy crap! Look at the size of that Stormtrooper, Han! You'd better shoot first.

This particular Star Wars toy spot aired on Chicago TV on Friday, November 16th 1979. Remember kids, you can push R2-D2’s secret button to open his hidden compartment!


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2 Responses to TV Time: Star Wars Extra Large Action!

  1. Captain Quark says:

    These things were so hard to find even when they were new. I recall the only place that had them was a place called ” The Treasury”. It was a JC Penney outletstore if I recall correctly. They had tons of Star Wars merch and seemed to get it first. I recall the Large Leia figures didn’t sell and sat around for quite a long time collecting dust.

    • David Moore says:

      Awww. Poor Princess.
      Yeah, I never had any of these, but I had tons of the regular, smaller figures.