TV Time: ABC Sunday Night Movie – The Longest Yard

Sunday night. Time for popcorn and a movie on broadcast TV.

Recorded off the TV in 1979, this ABC Sunday Night Movie promo urges you to watch this evening’s flick – Burt Reynold’s 1974 prison football comedy – The Longest Yard.

In the late 70s, Cable TV was in a fledgeling state, Betamax recorders were damn expensive (we sure didn’t have one) and video rental stores were virtually non-existent. Most folks looked forward to recent movies (and by recent I mean a couple of years old) finally making an appearance on the living room boob tube. The films were heavily edited, cursing was over-dubbed and commercials interrupted every 10 to 15 minutes – and yet we endured. Kids today with their movies on wrist watches and such! They don’t know just how easy their access to filmed entertainment is. Stay off my lawn!, etc., etc.

(Source: MrClassicAds) The Longest Yard IMDb, The Longest Yard Wiki

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