TV Time: Star Wars Droid Factory

Hey Kids! It’s time for another vintage Star Wars toy commercial – this time circa 1979. The Star Wars Droid Factory let kids build a three-legged R2 unit and even create their own droids from scratch. I didn’t have this toy – but I sure as heck wanted one. It’s got an official Star Wars crane fer god’s sake!

Seconds later the giant child swallowed R2-D2 whole

“Help the Jawas build R2-D2 and hundreds of other droids! 33 interchangeable droid parts build up to 5 robots at one time, including an R2-D2 with 3 legs or a 4-wheeled robot that rolls. Movable crane snaps onto platform and carries parts from “supply” to the “assembly line”; specially designed ramp allows the Jawa action figures to “roll out the droids”! Figures not included. Ages 5 and up. $11.95″


YouTube poster, Droid Factory box pic & details

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