TV Time: Sesame Street & Grover the Waiter

Growing up in the 1970s we spent countless hours parked in front of the television. Much of our morning viewing time was spent scarfing an overflowing bowl of Cheerios (or Lucky Charms on a good day) and watching Sesame Street.

My life-model Grover causing glorious trouble in 1974. Thanks teach!

My favorite Muppet was (and still is) that lovable blue rascal Grover. Back in the 70s I especially enjoyed watching Grover torment the blue guy with the mustache (also known as “Mr. Johnson”.) Let’s take two minutes out of our stressful day to enjoy Grover in a Charlie’s Restaurant segment from Sesame Street Episode 0705 which first aired in December 1974. This segment may be why I later turned to Vegetarianism. Beware the engorged burger!

Muppet Wiki, Sesame

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