Betty Ford Has Died

Former First Lady, Betty Ford has died at the age of 93. The wife of U.S. President Gerald Ford, who served (post Watergate scandal) from August, 1974 to January, 1977, Betty Ford will be remembered for bravely speaking out about her breast cancer surgery and for founding the substance abuse recovery center which carried her name.

Betty and Gerald Ford. A hug in the White House, 1970s.

Betty Ford was well-liked by the 70’s public who admired her candid, public mentions of her family’s trails and tribulations, support of women’s rights and her populist overtures, such as the wearing of a trendy Mood Ring and chattering on a CB radio where she went by the handle “First Mamma.” Some folks were so fond of her they wore Gerald Ford campaign buttons that read “Betty’s Husband for President ’76.”

Here’s an ABC News snippet of Gerald Ford’s 1974 inauguration with Betty Ford at his side.

Betty Ford WSJ Obit, Betty Ford Wiki, Gerald Ford Wiki

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