Happy Days’ Marion Ross on aging and suing CBS

Don't mess with Mrs.C! Marion Ross on Happy Days 1976.

Marion Ross, best known as 70s TV Mom Mrs. Cunningham on Happy Days, has been in the news of late. Ross has spoken with USA Today about aging (she’s now 82 and still working away) and she and some of the other Happy Days cast members are suing CBS for unpaid monies related to the use of their likenesses.

USA Today Quote:

“Q: Are you surprised you’re still working at 82?

A: No. I expect myself to work. I am surprised to see that I am an older person. I didn’t know that I was. When did that happen? I did a play last summer at the Globe Theater in San Diego, and I’m going to do Lost in Yonkers next summer in Toronto.

Q: Do you keep in touch with anyone from Happy Days?

A: I talk to The Fonz quite a bit and the rest of the cast. Some of us are suing CBS. They have Happy Days slot machines in all these casinos. If you get five Marions, you hit the jackpot. The Fonz is paid for that, and I guess Ron (Howard) is also. Nobody asked me, and apparently I don’t have that power to say, ‘I won’t do this.’ I wasn’t keen that Happy Days should be in a gambling casino. Anson Williams (Potsy), Donnie Most (Ralph), Erin Moran (Joani), Tom Bosley’s estate and me have a lawsuit.”

Here’s a wee Happy Days clip from February, 1976 (Season 3):

If the above clip isn’t enough – you can watch the entire episode in high quality here.

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