Apollo 15 ‘Moon Buggy’ Mission 40th Anniversary (’71)

40 years ago this week NASA launched the Apollo 15 mission from Cape Canaveral (July 26, 1971.) Astronauts James Irwin, David Scott, and Alfred Worden conducted the first mission utilizing a “Moon Buggy” and two of them spent three long days on the surface of the moon. When the mission was safely concluded (August 7th, 1971) NASA called it their most successful manned flight. Check out some fantastic Apollo 15 photos from LIFE Magazine below and raise a glass for the moon-walkin’ Apollonauts.

I didn't think anything was cooler than a real Moon Buggy but those Stingrays back there may qualify

James Irwin, David Scott, and Alfred Worden

Why does the movie 'Capricorn One' come to mind?

And now I'm thinkng 'Planet of the Apes'

Sources: Boing Boing, LIFE, Apollo 15 Wiki

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