A Geek’s Journal – 1976

Today, I’d like to point you in the direction of a wonderful 1970s blog entitled “A Geek’s Journal -1976.” The blog is written by a gentlemen who goes by the nickname “Booksteve” and is based on his actual teenage diary from 1976.

Early Geek culture uncovered

Each day Booksteve graces us with a new entry taken from his ’76 journal and ends with an explanation of the more cryptic life moments described. It’s a fantastic slice-of-70s-life and comes highly recommended. Here’s a sample chunk from today’s entry:

“Sunday, Aug 8th, 1976

I’ve been thinking about getting out my Hot Wheels tracks again for the first time in a few years. May do that tomorrow.

Terry called and gave away the ending of yet another ELLERY QUEEN episode I’ve missed, damn it!

I’ve also committed myself to taking the bus out to the Village Theater tomorrow night to catch the movie I skipped this weekend but because of SS work, I probably can’t go. Who knows? Maybe I’ll see SILENT MOVIE instead.”

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