Aug. 11, 1974: President Gerald Ford’s Second Day on the Job

August 11, 1974. Washington, D.C. - President Ford, Betty Ford and Susan Ford.

Sunday, August, 11th, 1974 was U.S. President Gerald Ford’s second day on the job (a working weekend it appears). Rather fascinatingly, one can simply hop over to the Gerald Ford Library online and uncover the man’s comings and goings and even find photos documenting each day. Here now is a look at this single day in 1970s presidential history.

Excerpts from Ford’s Diary:

“9:54 AM: The President went to his motorcade. He was accompanied by: The First Lady, Susan Ford

10:00 AM: The Presidential party attended worship services at Immanuel on-the-Hill Epsicopal Church.

11:00 AM: The Presidential party motored from Immanuel-on-the-Hill Episcopal Church to their Alexandria residence.

11:45 AM: The President motored from his Alexandria residence to the South Grounds of the White House.

12:29 PM: The President went to the Oval Office.

12:30 PM: The President met with: Henry A. Kissinger, Secretary of State Maj. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, Deputy Assistant for National Security Affairs

3:01 PM: The President met with Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) George Bush.

5:11 PM: The President met with Senator Barry Goldwater (R-Arizona).

6:33 PM: The President met with Donald H. Rumsfe1d, Representative of the U.S. to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and member of the President’s transition team.

6:55 PM: The President went to the barber shop.

7:10 PM: The President motored from West Executive Avenue to his Alexandria residence.”

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