TV Time: Star Wars ‘Land of the Jawas’ Commercial (’79)

Star Wars 'Land of the Jawas' playset 1979. That giant Sandcrawler backdrop? Pure cardboard. Sorry, kids!

Hey kids, it’s high time we foisted another ancient Star Wars toy commercial upon you! This time around we take a look at Kenner’s “Land of the Jawas” playset which released in 1979 (yes, I know the spot carries a 1977 copyright.) Watch as Artoo fights for his little life against the sinister, English-speaking Jawa. You won’t believe your eyes and ears (action figures sold separately!)

“You can move the action-lever and make the Jawa capture R2-D2!
You can raise the elevator and make R2-D2 disappear into the Sandcrawler! Action figures each sold separately.”

“Land of the Jawas” at Lando’s Locker, “Land of the Jawas” at 12Back

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