Brady Bunch Moments: Porkchops and Applesauce

The Brady Bunch, Oct. 22nd 1971 - The very moment 'porkchops and applesauce' entered your psyche

My favorite TV show of the 1970s, by a wide-margin, is The Brady Bunch. I watched the show when it originally ran from 1969-1974, though I was so young I barely remember those first few years. It was when the show went into syndication soon after, and I watched it five or six times a week, that it really sunk its joyful claws into me and never let go.

To honor this fine obsession show, from time to time, we’ll look at particularly memorable moments. We’ll get things rolling today with Season 3, Episode 055 “The Personality Kid,” which first aired on October 22, 1971. Directed by Oscar Rudolph and written by Ben Starr, the episode features Peter (Chris Knight) attempting to imitate Humphrey Bogart and uttering the immortal phrase “porkchops and applesauce.”

“Peter: (Bogart voice) Hey Mom. Hi Alice. What’s for dinner?

Carol: Porkchops.

Peter: Porkchops, eh? What else?

Alice: Applesauce?

Peter: Porkchops…and applesauce. Ain’t that swell?

Carol: Have you got something stuck in your teeth?”

The Brady Bunch: ‘Pork Chops and Apple Sauce’ Clip, 1971

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