Music for Mondays: The Knack ‘Good Girls Don’t’

The Knack - 'Good Girls Don't'. Squeaky clean video version, Summer 1979

Happy Monday friends and neighbors! Let’s start the week off with a power pop blast. Kick those feet right up on your desk and slip back in time to August, 1979. We’re going to enjoy The Knack playing “Good Girls Don’t”. “Good Girls Don’t” was the follow-up single to the No. 1 smash “My Sharona” and hit a respectable high of No. 11 on the Billboard charts. The video below features the “Clean” radio edit of the song and leaves out any mention of “in her pants” and “sitting on your face.” Now, we can listen along with Granny and the whole family. Whoo hoo!

The Knack Wiki

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