Trailer Tuesday: Doc Savage: Man of Bronze

Doc Savage, 1975. About to kick some 'Green Death' hinny.

Doc Savage: Man of Bronze starred Tarzan’s Ron Ely and hit theaters in June of 1975. Savage, intended to be a series (much like Tarzan,) was a campy adventure filled with hammy acting and hokey special effects and fared poorly at the box office. A little film called Jaws, which released in the same month, swallowed it whole. Watch the trailer below and beware “The Green Death!”

Interesting Factoids: Actress Pamela Hensley (who played Mona in Savage) also appeared in the film Rollerball and on TV’s The Rockford Files in 1975. She later appeared in The Six Million Dollar Man (’77) and B.J. and the Bear (’79).

Doc Savage IMDb, Doc Savage Wiki

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