70s Spots: Have a Pepsi Day!

'Have a Pepsi Day', 1977. Helmets required.

“Have a Pepsi Day!” was the slogan for Pepsi Cola from 1975-1978. Below we have an excellent example of a Pepsi TV spot from around 1977. Click for a refreshing 30 seconds of skateboarding Summer fun. Striped shirts, tube socks and fat skateboard wheels. Check. Check. And check. I don’t remember that many skaters wearing helmets though. Let’s hear it for Pepsi safety!

“You’re the Pepsi Generation – come and have a Pepsi day.
C’mon, c’mon c’mon and taste the Pepsi way.
C’mon, c’mon c’mon and have a Pepsi day.
Wrap a thirsty smile around it – raise a Pepsi up and down it.
C’mon, c’mon. C’mon c’mon.
Have a Pepsi day!”

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