The Greg Brady Project and the Brady Brunch

Barry Williams' Greg Brady Project Web Site

Actor Barry Williams of The Brady Bunch returned to the Yakov Smirnoff Theatre in Branson, Missouri today to begin a series of multi-media variety performances entitled “Brady Brunch.” Yes, “Brunch.” The shows take place at 10:30 AM and include a meal while Williams sings, tells stories and screens videos. You can read all about it on Williams’ Web Site The Greg Brady Project.

While there you can also read about Williams recent meet-up and dinner in New York with Brady Mom, Florence Henderson, on her Life Is Not A Stage book tour. You go, Greg!

Williams Brady Brunch Quote:

“The music now covers the 70’s, current day and standards. We expanded the clips, videos and stories. We made it interactive… I have brunch together with the audience and answer questions while we eat. We added a trivia game before the show to test Brady Bunch knowledge. I pulled out the Johnny Bravo jacket to start the show and fortunately… it still FITS! I share real stories about my life with the Brady’s and my own family. We also made sure that the brunch was tasty, hot and healthy.

Originally we hoped the reaction to the show would warrant a three month run in the fall of 2012. The support and response was so strong, I have booked 182 shows which begin on October 5th this year and run through December of 2012.”

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