Rare Harrison Ford Star Wars Interview, 1977

A rare occurance - Harrison Ford talking Star Wars, 1977.

Here’s a great five minute interview with Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, in 1977. Likely created for promotional purposes by 20th Century Fox, we see interviewer “Bobbie” Wygant chatting with Ford about why Star Wars is so good and what its success has done for Ford’s career. It’s great to see the man chatting about Star Wars in a positive light. Enjoy this 34-year-old Q&A in its entirety below.

“Interviewer, Bobbie Wygant: Why do we like this?

Harrison Ford: Well, it’s a fantasy. It’s not Science Fiction so much as it is Space Fantasy. And it’s about people. It’s about…it’s finally about people and not finally about science. So the energy of the movie goes towards exploring these human relationships and I think that’s what makes it so accessible to people.”

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2 Responses to Rare Harrison Ford Star Wars Interview, 1977

  1. Jimmy Siokos says:

    This was incredible to watch. Harrison usually seems to dispise Star Wars nowdays. To see him enduldge in positive banter about the classic film is a breath of fresh air. Why does he look 10 years younger in this interview than he does in the actual movie he filmed only a year prior to this interview?

  2. David Moore says:

    Yeah, pretty amazing.

    Dunno why he looks younger than in the film. Maybe it’s because he wasn’t trying to be a world-weary smuggler? 😉