David Bowie: Lost 1973 ‘Jean Geanie’ Footage Uncovered

David Bowie sings 'The Jean Geanie' on TOTP, 4 January 1973. 'He says he's a beautician and sells you nutrition.'

Kick the clicker below and soak up a recently uncovered 1970s David Bowie performance. Thought lost forever, this Top of the Pops live version of “The Jean Geanie” was originally broadcast on 04 January, 1973.

The BBC routinely erased recording tapes back in the 70s but a wise cameraman saved this tasty performance from Ziggy and the Spiders. Read up on it here and enjoy the show below.

BBC Quote:

“It was believed that every recording of the singer’s performing number two hit “The Jean Genie” had been destroyed. It emerged in October that one had been found – and it will feature in a Top of The Pops Christmas Special on BBC 2.

The footage belonged to TV cameraman John Henshall, who was unaware how rare the performance was. Mr Henshall, from Oxfordshire, worked on the show and kept a copy of Bowie’s appearance. He mentioned that he had the tape during an interview on Johnnie Walker’s Radio 2 show earlier this year, after which excited Bowie aficionados contacted him to explain its status.”

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