Funshine Friday: Shazam!

Shazam!, 1974. Les Tremayne (left), Michael Gray (right).

“Oh, Elders, fleet and strong and wise, appear before my seeking eyes!”

It’s Friday, Bionic friends, and that means it’s time to bring a little Funshine into our day. Today, we take a gander at the intro for Shazam! from 1974.

Shazam! ran on CBS for a total of 28 episodes from 1974 to 1977. The series, produced by Filmation, began as a solo enterprise but from ’75-’77 appeared as part of The Shazam!/Isis Hour. Michael Gray starred as Billy Batson, Les Tremayne played Mentor and both Jackson Bostwick and later, John Davey played the part of Captain Marvel. Watch the ’74 intro below.

Shazam! Wiki, IMDb

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