1974 – A Geek’s First Journal

Booksteve in the early 70s - presumably writing a journal entry

Some time ago I told you about Booksteve and his wonderful site, A Geek’s Journal – 1976. Booksteve presented his daily journal, written in 1976, as a modern day blog.

Well, the year has come and gone and Booksteve has gone further back in time and is now presenting his first journal from 1974. Hop on over to 1974 – A Geek’s First Journal and begin visiting daily. It’s a lot of fun and will bring back many memories and forgotten feelings of the coming-of-age years.

1974 – A Geek’s First Journal Quote:

“Tuesday, January 15th, 1974
I answered my pen-pal letter this evening.

Earlier in the day, I started Health class at school, the first day of the second semester.

Today seemed like early Spring to me and that got me thinking about Debbie, again.

I read THE SANDY DUNCAN STORY today for my English book report.

NOTES: My pen-pal was relatively recent at this point, a Japanese girl my age named Yoshiko. We would correspond for about 5 years.

Sandy Duncan is sadly pretty much a trivia question, today, but she was a fun actress/comedienne in the early seventies whose rising star was shot down by surgery that left her blind in one eye and caused her hit sitcom, FUNNY FACE, to be put on hold. When it returned, it was completely revamped but never quite as popular. She stayed in the public eye for the remainder of the decade, her most notable role being as PETER PAN onstage. The book I read was found on the shelf in English class and was by Rochelle Reed. Seen above, should you be interested, copies can be had for a penny via Amazon.”

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2 Responses to 1974 – A Geek’s First Journal

  1. booksteve says:

    It still amazes me that the desk in the photo you show is the same one I’m sitting at now with a cat on my lap (and another one sleeping on my printer).

  2. David Moore says:

    Haha. Very cool. Good to know.

    Thanks for checking in, Booksteve! Keep up the great work.