Trailer Tuesday: The Warriors

The Warriors, 1979. 'Warriors...come out to..plaaaay!'

Walter Hill’s The Warriors was released in February of 1979 and made a deep impression on teens and pre-teens across the nation. We all felt the undeniable urge to slather our faces with paint, put on uniforms, and swirl our bats menacingly like the Baseball Furies gang. (Whaddya mean the Furies weren’t the stars of the movie? They were to me and my buddies!)

Seriously though, The Warriors has gained cult classic status for good reason. I love this flick and feel it still offers up a hearty evening’s entertainment. I pop in the DVD from time to time for a refresher. Watch the trailer, from late ’78, below.

For more on the film hit The Warriors Wiki, The Warriors IMDb and The Warriors Movie Site.

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