Today, in the 70s: Vietnam War report (Jan. 26, 1972)

Nixon and troops, early 70s (Photo: the

Let’s take a look at what was being reported on this day, January 26th, 1972. President Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War were in the headlines and in the hearts and minds of the public. Read what The People has listed below.

The People Quote:

“26th January, 1972 : A recap was printed in a U.S. newspaper which revealed a summary of Nixon’s Eight-Point plan to end the Vietnam War. One of the actions revealed in this recount of Nixon’s plan was that of an action proposed eight months prior to this time.

The plan presented eight months prior was a plea for the release of all prisoners of war in exchange for U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam. In addition to U.S. withdrawal, this plan also included an agreement that South Vietnam’s Nguyen would step down come time for a new election.

It was also recorded in print on this day that Nixon had dispatched Henry Kissinger, his security advisor, to Paris at least a dozen times since August 4, 1969. The reason for these attempted contacts was to make negotiations with North Vietnam.

In one news source, a quote by Nixon revealed what Nixon has said was the original withdrawal date from Vietnam-May 31, 1971. This plan was rejected by North Vietnam at the next private meeting which had taken plan on June 26th, only less than a month later.

Instead, North Vietnam made a counter nine-point offer that insisted that the U.S. overthrow the government of North Vietnam. If North Vietnam had accepted the United State’s original eight-point plan presented by Nixon, the U.S. troops would have withdrawn within six months and Indo-China cease-fire would have taken place.”

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