70s Spots: Commercial break, ’76; Budweiser, Tic Tac, and more

Woosh, 1976. 'Never requires retrieving!'

It’s time for a commercial break. Specifically, a set of TV spots run during ABC’s Saturday Night Movie in 1976. The evening’s movie was Brenda Starr and the commercials include Budweiser (with an Ed McMahon VO) “When you say ‘Bud’, you’ve said it all”, Woosh – “A family fun game”, Tic Tac “Put a Tic Tac in your mouth and get a bang outta life!” and Maybelline’s Fresh & Lovely Moisture Lipcolor.

Funny thing, the power of advertising. I hadn’t seen that Tic Tac spot in over 30 years and I began singing along.

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