70s Magazines: Shazam’s Micheal Gray Tiger Beat Collection

Recently, I posted the intro for Filmation’s Shazam! from 1974. The star of that show, Michael Gray, has his own Web Site where you can catch up on all the actor has been up to since. On that Web Site are a trio of Tiger Beat magazines (for sale) featuring Gray on the cover – along with David Cassidy, The Osmonds, Michael Jackson and others.

Tiger Beat was a well-known teen magazine in the 60s and 70s and I picked up a few copies when I was a kid. I bought 16 Magazine more often though as they had the best Bay City Rollers articles. I was always a bit embarrassed when buying a copy of these mags as they were aimed at teenage girls. Oh, the horror! Have a look!

Tiger Beat, February, 1973

Tiger Beat's Fave! December, 1972

Tiger Beat's Sectacular! April, 1973

Michael Gray Bio:

“Good looks and a couple of television roles helped to give actor Michael Gray many years in between and on the covers of ‘Tiger Beat’ magazine. Born in Chicago, Michael moved to Florida when he was a young boy. He caught the acting bug in high school, and eventually made his way to Hollywood.

In 1972, Michael won the role of Ronnie on the NBC series ‘The Little People,’ a charming sitcom that starred Brian Keith as a pediatrician with a practice on Oahu, Hawaii. The series was reworked for the second season and retitled ‘The Brian Keith Show,’ and Michael was let go.

Signed to a management deal with Charles Laufer, pubisher of ‘Tiger Beat,’ Michael was able to keep a high profile while rounding up other acting roles. Michael’s second series came in 1974, when he was cast in his signature role, as Billy Batson on the Saturday morning series ‘Shazam.'”

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