Trailer Tuesday: ‘Trouble Man’ (1972)

Trouble Man, 1972. 'You jive him, he'll wash you away.'

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s one for all you lovers out there. Directed by Ivan Dixon (Hogan’s Heroes‘ Sgt. Kinchloe), Trouble Man made its debut in November of 1972. The film starred Robert Hooks as a private detective called “Mr. T.” and featured a fantastic soundtrack by Marvin Gaye.

Say what you will about the film, the trailer has some of the best narration to ever grace a movie screen. Lines like “wears $600 suits, drives a $10,000 car and he carries two guns; one to stop trouble and one to make trouble” and “rub him wrong and he’ll blow up in your face” are deserving of deep respect. Watch it!

Trouble Man Wiki, IMDb

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