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Another excellent 1970s-related Web Site has come to my attention and I’d like to point you in its direction. Retrospace is run by a fellow who answers to the nickname “Gilligan”. The site features a ton of cool 70s magazine scans and fun articles such as “A 1972 Quiz on Women’s Lib” and “1974 – The Greatest Year in Women’s Fashion History“. Regular features include “Retro Ads” and “That 70s Home“.

You may want to hop over and check out this amazing gallery focused on Archie Comics artist Dan DeCarlo (creator of Josie and the Pussycats) and his fascinating habit of drawing a large female face prominently in the foreground of various comic book frames. Early “photobombing” at its finest.

Archie Comics is full of 70s beauties

Retrospace Quote:

“I read a ton of Archie comics and kept noticing these odd ‘photobombs’ popping up in nearly every issue. (Note: photobomb = term for when a random person drops in a photo unexpectedly) For some reason, Dan DeCarlo, a master comic artist if there ever was one, felt the need to draw in faces hugging the sides of the panels – again and again and again….

I suppose it has a purpose. It gives the impression that the main characters are not interacting within a vacuum. A close-up of an unknown person’s face in the corner also adds an element of realism – as if you are viewing the scene in person or through a camera lens, rather than a 2D comic strip panel.

That being said….. DeCarlo did it A LOT.”

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2 Responses to 70s Sites: Retrospace

  1. Gilligan says:

    Thanks so much for the shout-out…. but even more appreciated is your calling my attention to this wonderful blog! Some serious groovy business going on here. Gilligan like.

  2. David Moore says:

    Thanks, Sir Gilligan!

    Appreciate you stopping by for a groove. =)