TV Time: ‘Apple’s Way’ (1974)

Apple's Way, 1974. Haha! Don't spill that lemonade!

Is that the time? Hush now, kids, Apple’s Way is starting. We’ll talk after…

Apple’s Way was first telecast on February 10th, 1974 and ran for a season until January ’75. Ronny Cox starred as the father, George Apple, who left the madness of L.A. and moved the family to Iowa. Lee McCain played the mother, Barbara. Teen heartthrob, Vincent Van Patten co-starred as Paul Apple.

Halfway through the run some retooling was done on the show. The episodes took a more serious bent and Kristy McNichol replaced Franny Michel as the daughter, Patrica Apple. If you’d like, you can explore more at Wikipedia and IMDb.

Additional reference: The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows (OOP book by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh).

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