70s Spots: Hostess and kids, they go together

Hostess TV spot, 1976. 'Fresh, wholesome Hostess. cup cakes, fruit pies, golden Twinkies...'

It’s time for a quick commercial break. Watch this clip for Hostess from 1976 (or thereabouts).

When I was a kid I could eat buckets full of Hostess pies, cup cakes and Twinkies if given half a chance. Thankfully, I wasn’t. I did have a Hostess pie-eating contest with myself once and ate something like 7 or 8 pies in-a-row, only stopping when I ran out of money. And no, I didn’t feel ill. I’m not sure I could eat more than one these days without getting a bit queasy.

Pay attention to the TV spot below. Recognize the kid with the headphones and cymbals? That’s Erin “Ahmad Abdul-Rahim” Blunt of Bad News Bears fame.

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