70s Spots: Tyco Nite-Glow Double-Loop Racing

Tyco Double Loop Racing Set, 1977. 'Silver streak curve-huggers!'

Time for a Sunday commercial break and “You are about to see something incredible!” Tyco’s Nite-Glow Double Loop Racing set from 1977. Look at those blurry slot cars go!

Truth is, although these race cars sets always seemed so cool to my youthful mind, whenever I actually played with them I quickly became bored. I never had a set of my own but my buddy Curtiss did and I was envious…briefly. You set up the track for an hour then watch the cars zip around the track for a minute and..then you watch them zip around again. Incredible!

(Thanks YouTube poster eyeh8cbs)

Tyco Nite-Glow Racing set. Put that sucker together and take over the living room.

(Above photo by Ebay.au poster philip0707)

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