Then and Now: ‘Car Wash’ film location, Los Angeles

Workin' at the Car Wash, yeah. Circa 1976.

Universal Pictures released the slice-of-life comedy Car Wash in October of 1976. The movie, featuring appearances by Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Antonio Fargas and The Pointer Sisters, was filmed at an actual car wash located on the corner of Rampart and 6th street in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, that famed car wash has been torn down and replaced by a nondescript shopping mall. I’ve taken the liberty of grabbing a few screens from the film and providing you with Google Street Map shots of the location as it stands today. Shed a tear, my friends. Shed a soapy tear.

Car Wash Film Locale at 6th & Rampart, L.A., CA, 1976

Car Wash Locale, 6th & Rampart, L.A., CA., 2012

Al's Coffee Shop, 6th & Rampart, 1976

Al's and Big 6 Market, 6th & Rampart, 1976

Al's Coffee Shop and Big 6 Market, 6th & Rampart, 2012

Car Wash Wiki, IMDb

Google street View: 6th and Rampart, Los Angeles, CA

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