Funshine Friday: ‘The Brady Kids’ (Animated, 1972)

Filmation's The Brady Kids, 1972. 'The youngest one is Bob.'

Two consecutive days featuring The Brady Bunch? Why the hell not?! Today, we take a look at Filmation’s animated series from 1972-73, The Brady Kids.

22 episodes were created and the actual Brady Kids provided their own voices for season one. In season two, egged on by their agents, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight and Maureen McCormick held out for more cash – and were replaced for the last five shows.

You may remember the Brady menagerie of pets in this cartoon featured a freakish, red mynah bird named Marlon, a dog called Mop Top and puckish pair of pandas named Ping and Pong. Why? Only Filmation can say for sure.

Here are the somewhat animated Bradys...and that damn bird, Marlon

Ping, Mop Top and Pong. Or is it Pong, Mop Top and Ping? Ah, whatever.

Here’s the intro for the show:

Now, enjoy a Brady song. Go on, you’ve earned it. Have a happy Funshine Friday!

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