Earth Day 1970s: EPA’s ‘Documerica’ photos

How’s your Earth Day going? I hope you’re having a good time and raising a glass to ol’ Mother Earth.

Last year I wrote a bit about the very first Earth Day in 1970 and provided you with news footage from the day. This year I’d like to point you at a collection of photographs over at HuffPost. From 1972-1977 the Environmental Protection Agency set up a “Documerica” program and tasked photographers with documenting issues of environmental concern.

Below, you can grab a look at a few shots from the 70s. Hop over to HuffPost for a look at “Then & Now” comparisons.

Lower Manhattan, NYC, May, 1973

Boston, Mass. Logan Airport construction. May, 1973

Boston, Mass. April, 1973

Boston, Mass. Circa 1970s

Cleveland, Ohio. July, 1973

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