70s Spots: Super Sugar Crisp Cereal

'Can't get enough Super Sugar Crisp!'

Time for a cavity-inducing commercial break. Treat yourself to a circa 1973 Super Sugar Crisp cereal commercial. Watch as laid back mascot, Sugar Bear, takes us along for the ride on a “Fly Hi” balloon and a child voice actor (who sounds like he probably portrayed Charlie Brown) tells us to look for the toy in “specially-marked boxes”.

The Post cereal company removed the word “Sugar” from the title of the product in the mid-1980s, renaming it Super Golden Crisp. Today, the cereal is called, a short and not-as-sweet, “Golden Crisp”.

(Thanks YouTube poster robatsea.)

More about Super Sugar Crisp at MrBreakfast.com.

Super Sugar Crisp with Dynamite Magazine offer, 1970s. Photo by 'jeffrey' at Mr Breakfast.com.

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2 Responses to 70s Spots: Super Sugar Crisp Cereal

  1. Steve Hoza says:

    When I see the 70s version of the Super Sugar Crisp box, I can’t help but remember the Wacky Packages sticker spoof called “Super Cigar Crisp.”

  2. David Moore says:

    I don’t remember that one. Time to look it up and refresh the ol’ memory. To Google images! =)