Trailer Tuesday: Walter Matthau is ‘Charley Varrick’

Matthau in 'Charley Varrick' aka 'The last of the independents'

Charley Varrick, director Don Siegel’s follow-up to Dirty Harry, released in October of 1973. The film stars Walter Matthau as the bank-robbing anti-hero of the title, Andrew Robinson (the Scorpio Killer from Dirty Harry) as his edgy partner and Joe Don Baker as a relentless mafia hit man.

If you haven’t seen this one yet you’ll want to remedy that. It’s an enjoyable heist flick and was somewhat influential on later crime movies (such as those by Tarantino). Even though Walter Matthau is one of my all-time favorites I managed to miss this one until I dialed it up on Netfilx last week. Follow my lead!

‘Charley Varrick’ Theatrical Trailer, 1973

Charley Varrick Wiki, IMDb

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2 Responses to Trailer Tuesday: Walter Matthau is ‘Charley Varrick’

  1. Steve Hoza says:

    What a great film. Well-written, acted and photographed. Joe Don Baker makes a great hit man. Exciting action scenes. Too bad the film is not better known. One of Walter Matthau’s best roles.

  2. David Moore says:

    Yes. This film needs more attention.

    Hey, maybe if some studio does an awful modern remake of it people will be inspired to seek out the original. Heh.