Rad Ads: LIFE magazine ’72 – cigarettes & alcohol

Today’s “Rad Ads” were recovered from the May 19, 1972 issue of LIFE magazine. A hearty half-dozen pages focused on the advertising staples of cigarettes and alcohol. And since the human existence occasionally amounts to more than lighting up and slugging one back – we round off the post with a fine looking, gas-guzzling Ford LTD. Travel back in time with me beautiful people…

(Click any of the ads to enlarge and scroll through at your leisure.)

When you're abso-friggin-loutely exhausted...fire up an L&M. (Note the nifty packaging.)

Less talky talk. More drinky drink.

A tin cup o' joe, a Winston and a giant hairy hand...touching.

The cigarette with specially-softened tobacco for nature lovers. Look for it in the bright yellow and orange box.

Turtlenecks, sports jackets and pretty ladies falling through the deck. Let's get this party started!

Car makers stopped producing this color in '79 or so. Come back, 'Dirty Gold'. We miss you.

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