Today, in the 70s: Led Zeppelin rocks, thousands protest Vietnam War (May 3, 1971)

Led Zep's Jimmy Page smokes Copenhagen - May 3rd, 1971. (Photo:

Let’s take a look at what was occurring on this day, May 3rd, 1971.

Led Zeppelin played a rocking, two-hour set at K. B. Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark. According to the official Zeppelin site, the band played Four Sticks live for the first and last time and debuted Misty Mountain Hop on this very evening. This was truly one to see.

Robert Plant is Misty Mountain Hopping - May 3rd, 1971. (Photo:

Here’s a Zep tour video from later in summer ’71 to give you an idea of what you missed.

Additionally, on May, 3rd, 1971 NPR’s All Things Considered program made its radio debut and is still going strong today, 41 years later.

All Things Considered‘s first show featured a story on “a huge protest in Washington, DC against the Vietnam War” where thousands were arrested – the biggest arrest in US history – and “a barber in Iowa whose trade was eroded by an increasingly hirsute America took to shaving women’s legs.”

Here’s a video report on the protest which includes footage of the day:

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