Funshine Friday: Super Friends

'Created from the cosmic legends of the universe...' Super Friends, 1973

Hana-Barbera’s Super Friends debuted in September, 1973 and ran until 1986 (if you count all of its mutant permutations.) The main heroes in action each week were Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman (vroom! vroom!), and, uh…Aquaman. And let’s not forget about those powerless hangers-on; Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog. If you were lucky you might catch sight of a guest star such as the Flash, Plastic Man, or Green Arrow.

Whenever I hear of the Super Friends the first thing that pops into my mind is narrator Ted Knight dramatically intoning “Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice…” Ah, thems were the days. Good ol’ Ted. Enjoy the show’s intro below and have a happy Funshine Friday.

Super Friends Wiki, IMDb

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