Trailer Tuesday: A Clockwork Orange

Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange, 1971. "Viddy well me brothers...viddy well."

Anthony Burgess published A Clockwork Orange 50 years ago and The Guardian has posted a story about it you may wish to read.

Stanley Kubrick’s film based on the book debuted in US theaters in December of 1971. I was much too young to see it then but one of my early memories is driving by a Hollywood theater and seeing the bizarre artwork protruding from the marquee. In later years I remember my mother telling me she went to see A Clockwork Orange but had to walk out early as she found the violence too disturbing. For its time, the film was certainly trendsetting, breaking taboos regarding the use of onscreen sex and violence.

When I finally read the book and saw the movie myself around age 15, they, along with actor Malcolm McDowell, became personal favorites. Happy Birthday to you, Clockwork O! Enjoy the arty trailer.

A Clockwork Orange Wiki, IMDb

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