Rad Ads: Macho cigarettes & shiny cars (1975)

Time for some delightful “Rad Ads”. Today, let’s dip into the July, 1975 issue of Popular Mechanics and pull out a half-dozen ads featuring glossy new vehicles and macho fellows posing with cigarettes. This is where the magic happens!

(Click on an image to enlarge and scroll through all.)

We start with the Pacer because we must. Racing yellow makes it look .01 percent faster!

Li'l Hustler? Really? Hawt dog!

Snazzy. Wonder what these go for now.

Macho cigarette time! The difference is denim.

Meek? Pshaw! Illustrated man with 'stache loves him some tobaccy.

It's OK not to have a hairy lip - if you're a race car driver

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