The original 1970s Wonka Bar uncovered

Celluloid Wonka Bars circa 1971

I’ve got a golden…wrapper! Jason Liebig over at writes about and shows off recently-uncovered real life Wonka Bars which went into production after the release of the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory film in 1971.

You may remember various types of Wonka-branded chocolates, such as Super Skrunch and Peanut Butter Oompas, but these are the famed “Wonka Bars” which only appeared for a brief time in the mid-70s. Hop over and indulge your sweet-tooth memories.

Collecting Candy Quote:

“The Wonka Bars of the mid-1970′s were a taffy type of confection, and they’re ones I remember enjoying, too. Based on what I’ve been able to research though, I don’t think they were around all that long.

In my years of collecting and talking with other folks about 1970′s Wonka, there aren’t that many people that even remember these. As for turning up wrappers from them, I’d never been able to find an image of one, let alone an actual example, until earlier this year. Finally, from out of the L.M. Kallok Confectionery Collection came not one, but four examples of 1970′s Wonka Bar wrappers – one representing each flavor released.”

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