70s stories in the news: Sex Pistols & Olivia Newton-John

Sex Pistols, 'God Save the Queen', 1977. 35 years on...same queen, same Pistols.

The Sex Pistols have re-issued their “God Save the Queen” single to celebrate the song’s 35th anniversary. A limited-edition 7″ picture disc has been made available to commemorate the original which released on May 27, 1977. Read about the release at the official Sex Pistols site and enjoy a remembrance of the Pistol’s jubilee boat trip down the Thames at The Guardian.

Pistols Quote:

“Originally released on May 27th 1977, during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, ‘God Save The Queen’ made its mark in history. The BBC amongst others refused to play it and although it technically out-sold the Number 1 record of the week (The First Cut is the Deepest by Rod Stewart) ‘GSTQ’ peaked at Number 2 in the singles charts. The powers-that-be refused to acknowledge it but the Sex Pistols were Number 1.

On the Jubilee holiday itself, June 7th 1977, the Sex Pistols arranged their own Jubilee tribute with a boat trip along the River Thames in full view of the Houses of Parliament. After playing a handful of songs Police boarded the boat and arrested several people; including the band’s then manager Malcolm McLaren.”

In other 70s-related news, CNN chats with Olivia Newton-John. (Yes, I enjoyed putting these two stories together in the same post.)

Olivia Newton-John CNN Interview:

“Singer Olivia Newton-John talks about her earliest career aspirations and how she stays fit and healthy at 63.”

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