Trailer Tuesday: ‘Love Story’ (and O’Neal & MacGraw today)

Ali MacGraw & Ryan O’Neal, 1970

Love Story, written by Erich Segal and directed by Arthur Hiller, was released in December of 1970. The film stars Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw as young lovers; Oliver Barrett and Jennifer Cavilleri. Many critics disliked this romantic and tragic tale but Love Story went on to become the highest grossing film of the year.

Check out this new photo of O’Neal and MacGraw who recently reunited for a Paramount Pictures 100th anniversary event and take in the original trailer from 1970.

Ryan O’Neal & Ali MacGraw at Paramount Pictures 100th anniversary, 2012 (Photo: Paramount Pictures/

Love Story Wiki, IMDb

Yahoo! Movies/Movie Talk Quote:

“It was only the second time in the last decade that O’Neal and MacGraw have reunited (they appeared on ‘Oprah’ in 2010 to mark the film’s 40th anniversary). MacGraw, now 73, left California for New Mexico in 1994 after a wildfire destroyed her home. She devotes most of her time now to animal rights activism, but she told Yahoo! Movies that she was honored to be invited back to take part in the photo alongside her ‘Love Story’ costar.”

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6 Responses to Trailer Tuesday: ‘Love Story’ (and O’Neal & MacGraw today)

  1. Steve H. says:

    Does anyone out there remember a hilarious 7UP commercial that was a parody of “Love Story”? It featured a guy with a girl in a 7UP bottle outfit (all you could see was her arms and legs). He drove the bottle in a red MG roadster. They walked in the park as he told “her”, “Gee, you’re swell.” Then one day he walks into the room and the bottle is lying on the floor with the cap off. He says “Then one day, she was gone.” At the end he says he has found a new love. He is shown walking with a giant 7UP can. All you can see are the arms and legs sticking out of the can. He says “Gee, you’re swell.” I vividly remember this from my childhood.

  2. David Moore says:

    I seem to remember that. Sounds familiar! 7-Up had some great commercials in the 70s.

    P.S. Sorry, your comment was held in moderation for a few days – I was out of town. 😉

    • Steve H. says:

      I just found the 7 UP ad on YouTube. The man is Michael Ontkean, from the 70s series “The Rookies” and from the film “Slap Shot.”

  3. David Moore says:

    Very cool. Can you post a link to it here? Thanks!

  4. Steve H. says:

    Here is the link:

    It is the last commercial in this group. Quality is not good, but it’s worth waiting for.

  5. David Moore says:

    Yeah, tape quality is lacking but still nice to see. Thanks for the link!