Music for Monday: M, ‘Pop Muzik’ (1979)

“New York, London, Paris, Munich. Everybody talk about…” Pop Muzik, 1979

English musician Robin Scott, aka “M”, released his “Pop Muzik” single in May of 1979 in the UK where it rose to #2 on the charts. The song released in August ’79 in the US and it climbed all the way to #1.

I was a fan of the tune and bought the 45 when it came out. I’d have been 12 years old or perhaps a freshly-turned 13-yr-old if I picked it up closer to when it hit #1 in November in the US. New Wave for young teens. Turn up your internal synthesiser, put on your skinny tie and enjoy.

M: ‘Pop Muzik,’ 1979

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One Response to Music for Monday: M, ‘Pop Muzik’ (1979)

  1. EmmaPeel007 says:

    New York, London, Paris, Munich
    Everybody talk about –
    Pop Muzik!