Outta Sites: 70s stories from the Web

It’s time for another look at 1970s-related stories poking around the Web and the groovy Web Sites that forced them upon us. This time around we take a look at Every ’70s Movie, Susan Olsen.tv and Mego Museum. Dive in!

Every ’70s Movie

Every ’70s Movie. Admire the ambition!

Holy kumquats! I just discovered this site a few days back and found it to be rather amazing. Every70sMovie.blogspot.com is run by Peter Hanson and boasts “A New review Every Day Since October 2010”. Hanson seems to be on a mission to watch and review every film ever released in the 1970s and I applaud his tenacity and choice of subject matter. In just the last week you can find short reviews of Godspell, The Onion Field, Hooper and more. Bookmark that sucker!

Every70sMovie Quote:

“From a review of The Onion Field (1979):
Woods’ performance dominates, not only because he’s got the showy role of a psychotic chatterbox, but also because Woods adds textures of deviousness, humor, intelligence, perversion, and self-loathing. (He received his first Golden Globe nomination for The Onion Field.)”

Susan Olsen.tv

Olsen and friend via SusanOlsen.tv

Actress and radio host Susan Olsen, best-known for playing Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch, has launched a new personal Web Site. At the new HQ you can delve into Olsen’s blog, explore her acting history and view a “Fluffart” gallery. What the Fluff? Find out for yourself.

SusanOlsen.tv Quote:

“Susan seemed set for a ‘normal life’ until the age of five when lightning struck again: a talent scout picked her out of her kindergarten class to sing ‘I’m a Believer’, on ‘The Pat Boone Show’. Figuring it was fate, Susan’s mother gave her the chance to pursue an acting career like her brothers and sister had done and got her an agent. Other opportunities quickly followed, including a role in Elvis Presley’s second-to-last film ‘The Trouble with Girls (and How to Get Into It)’. A number of supporting roles followed for Susan, appearing in popular television shows such as, ‘Ironside’, ‘Gunsmoke’ and ‘Julia’.”

Bionic Treats via Mego Museum

Bif Bang Pow’s new Six Million Dollar Man ‘Bigfoot’ toy

Mego Museum.com – “Serving the Mego (Toys) Collector since 1996” – has a fresh story up unveiling some upcoming Six Million Dollar Man-branded toys from Bif Bang Pow! Apparently, actor Richard Anderson, who portrayed Oscar Goldman on the show, will be at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday, July 12, 2012 promoting an “Oscar Goldman briefcase replica tin tote – otherwise known as a lunchbox.” A new Bigfoot action figure will also be revealed. Hit Mego Museum for more.

Mego Museum/Bif Bang Pow Quote:

“Richard Anderson, who portrayed Oscar Goldman in The Six Million Dollar Man, gives us his greatest assignment of all as he launches our Bif Bang Pow! line of The Six Million Dollar Man merchanidse at Comic-Con!…
This all-new tin tote also includes The Three Faces of Dr. Rudy Wells 8-inch EMCE action figure – an action figure of Dr. Rudy Wells that includes three separate heads – representing the three actors who portrayed him – Martin Balsam, Martin Brooks, and Alan Oppenheimer!”

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