70s stories in the news: ‘Happy Days’ lawsuit settled, 70s Sci Fi & woodcut art

Hey kids! it’s time for a trio of 1970s-related stories from the past week or so. Explore the recent news and art bits.

Happy Days Actors Settle Lawsuit

Happy Days’ Most and Williams seem pleased with the CBS settlement

Way back in July, 2011 I brought you a report on Marion Ross and fellow Happy Days cast members suing CBS for a cut of merchandise revenue. According to CNN the $10 million dollar lawsuit has now been settled and Ross, Anson Williams, Don Most and Erin Moran are apparently pleased with the outcome. Read about it.

CNN Quote:

“The case had been scheduled to go on trial on July 17 in Los Angeles. The settlement followed a ruling in June by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Allen that the actors may be entitled to revenues from the sale of DVDs with their images on them.

‘I’m very satisfied with the settlement. And that’s all I can say,’ cast member Anson Williams, who played ‘Potsie,’ told CNN.”

Amazing!:Sci Fi Heroes of the 70s Art

A tasty section of Dusty Abell’s 70s heroes artwork. Hit the text link below for the complete (giant) image.

An artist who goes by the name “~dusty-abell” has created and posted an amazing work entitled “Television’s Sci-Fi and Superheros of the 70s” over at deviantART. The illustration features a large number of characters including the cast of the original Battlestar Galactica and Space: 1999, Wonder Woman, The Man From Atlantis and many more. Sure, there’s heroes from the 60s and 80s included as well, but that’s fine and dandy. Richard Benjamin in 1977’s Quark? Nice one!

Have a full-blown look-see. (source: Badass Digest)

Artist’s Quote:

“Well, here it is in luxurious digital color! This thing has preoccupied so much of my free time I’m grateful to have finally finished it, although at the same time, it has been one of the funnest things I’ve ever done…I hope I included a favorite of yours along with all the rest of the coolest bunch of characters to hit a television screen in an age, enjoy my friends!”

Unique: 1970s Woodcut Art

The Woodcuttingfool makes the cut

Loren at Woodcuttingfool contacted me with links to his very cool and unique woodcut artwork. There are many classic film and celebrity-related images at his site including 70s-era gems such as The French Connection, Woody Allen’s Manhattan and Richard Nixon. Eyes on.

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