Funshine Friday: Godzilla (animated series, 1978)

‘Friend to humanity’. Godzilla, 1978.

Hanna-Barbera and Toho produced 26 episodes of the animated Godzilla series and the first show aired as part of the The Godzilla Power Hour in September of 1978. The show is somewhat notorious for featuring Godzilla’s inept young cousin, Godzuki.

Because Godzilla’s distinctive roar could not be used due to copyright limitations, Ted Cassidy (of The Addams Family) provided the creature’s voice. Not long after working on the show, Cassidy passed away in January of 1979.

Celebrate the melding of Lurch and Godzilla and have a happy Funshine Friday and a spooky Friday the 13th!

Godzilla Intro:

1978 NBC Saturday Morning Promo with The Godzilla Power Hour (Jana of the Jungle, The Fantastic Four and Lost Island):

Godzilla animated series Wiki, IMDb

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